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Organizational Healing Workshop Series

Our workshop series prioritizes the health of your employees, your most valuable asset, who work best when they are happy and healthy. We work with your team to heal harmful dynamics and build trust, to increase effectiveness, and achieve overall higher performance.

Each part of this 3-part interactive workshop series is rooted in organization development models and mindfulness philosophies. Your teams will learn self-care techniques, healthy relating practices, and co-create a compassionate, collaborative culture.

This workshops series can help:

Increase Productivity

Enhance teamwork

Deepen emotional intelligence

Build trust

Reduce and manage stress

Strengthen communication

This workshop series is great for a team that has gone through a recent organizational change, is experiencing a disturbance in culture, or simply wants to support the well-being of their employees.

Each workshop can take place at your office or off-site.

This is the best deal for an immediate impact on your organization’s effectiveness.

Organization Development Consulting

Organization Healing Assessment
(1-3 months)

After an initial consultation, our team will lead a data collection effort to assess the health and wellbeing of your organization. Our areas of focus are: foundation, emotional intelligence, power, relationships, communication, organizational awareness and impact. The results are compiled for your information and use.

The Healing Assessment is ideal for organizations that want to learn more about the experience of their employees and gain insight into the overall health of their organization. It is an affordable and valuable tool that your team can use to continue to improve long after the assessment is completed.


While all our consulting efforts are based on our data driven approach, what makes our consulting different is our attention to the holistic health of your organization and our focus on the human side of business. This work is deeper than simply addressing the output of your organization. Our unique methodology incorporates healing techniques that create longer-lasting and much more sustainable results.

Full Consulting contract (6 months-1 year)

After the organization healing assessment, we work with your team to determine what we call your areas of focus. These may include strengthened communication, or development of growth strategy. After your areas of focus are determined, we begin a full consulting cycle including: contracting, focused data collection, data assessment, action planning, and recommendations.

This process is right for organizations that are going through a change, want to involve their employees or their community in the change process, or have a concern that they want to address in a healing way.

This is the largest investment with potential for the most sustainable impact. If your organization is ready to do large scale change work and is committed to making a complete 180 in your organization’s health, the full consulting contract is the best option.


Individual or Multi-leader Coaching

Individual Coaching:

Healing and positive change starts with you, the leader, first. These hour-long coaching sessions will help you find clarity and begin or renew your own healing process.

In person or via Zoom video conference. Scholarships are available for eligible individuals. Reach out to receive the scholarship application.

Multi-leader coaching:

Often times more than one leader is responsible for making the most important final decisions. We work with CEOs and COOs of organizations which may include leadership teams comprised of married partners or relatives. These coaching sessions allow you as leaders to work through personal dynamics and establish a shared vision so that you can move forward with clarity and collaborative momentum.

In person or via Zoom video conference.

Community Engagement & Human-Centered Design

We utilize Human-Centered Design to conduct large scale data collection efforts to help communities and organizations learn about and benefit from the unique experiences of their members. Human-Centered Design ensures the insights of members are honored and used to inform important decisions making for more sustainable community impact. 

Success Stories

Afro Yoga.jpg

Afro Flow Yoga

Afro Flow Yoga®

Term. Afro Flow Yoga® engaged with Yin Consulting from September 2017- December 2018. Our mission was to assess the health of the organization, to develop internal systems and infrastructure to increase overall productivity.

The Focus. The wellness organization with a social mission had gained incredible recognition over the years and outgrown its infrastructure. We performed an organizational healing assessment, collected stakeholder data and facilitated strategic planning meetings to help them prepare for the continued growth.

The Result. Yin Consulting supported Afro Flow Yoga® in developing a growth strategy focused on 1) Creating internal systems, 2) Increasing brand identity and social media presence and, 3) Developing team dynamic and workplace culture.

Working with Nyacko Pearl Perry has been a dream come true. It’s refreshing and energizing to work with a consultant who is deeply rooted in her core values and committed to aligning with organizations who have a shared passion for social change. Nyacko has skillfully led our organization through a thorough process of identifying our strengths and challenges and clarifying our mission and vision. As a result, we are seeing tremendous growth in our overall productivity, culture and sustainability.
— Leslie Salmon Jones, Founder of Afro Flow Yoga®
Nyacko is a brilliant facilitator of change, healing, and transformation. Individuals and organizations who work with her emerge feeling deeply heard, clearer on their vision, and emboldened to make choices to bring their values to life. She integrates a diverse and holistic set of disciplines and methodologies in her work, and holds both an authentic compassion for all and a tenacious vision for stronger and healthier societies and communities. The power of her work is matched only by the seamless joy and natural flow of how she engages with people in the process.
— Tip Fallon, Principal and Founder of Fallon Consulting Group

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