To be open and receptive is called Yin.
— Lao Tzu

Yin Consulting is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations evolve in a new era of social justice, equity, and diverse leadership. As a collaborative, we take a Yin or feminine approach. We acknowledge strengths, talents, and achievements. We focus on what your organization does well in order to build momentum for positive change. By offering a range of services based in organization development theory and mindfulness practices, we support the agency of your organization’s leadership. Together, we can make leaps and bounds towards our highest potential in the business and nonprofit communities.

Our vision at Yin Consulting is to nurture a more racially just and inclusive environment for all. We go about this in two ways:

  1. Promoting the development and success of organizations run by women, LGBTQ+ people, and men of color.
  2. Supporting organizations that serve people of color in more fully embodying their values of diversity, equity and inclusion.


A learning organization is an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future.
— Peter Senge

For organizations run by people of color...

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For organizations serving communities of color...

We want to support your organization in more fully embodying its goals, values and purpose. What we focus on is engaging those values in the daily life of your company. Here is a quick survey to see if Yin Consulting is a good fit for you:

Do you predominantly serve communities of color?

Are people of color in the minority of your organization’s leadership?

If people of color are in the majority of your company, do you see room for improvement in your leadership paradigm?

Do you want the internal operations of your business to better reflect its espoused values?

Do you see potential for the overall social, sexual, or racial equity of your business community to evolve?

If you said YES to any of these questions, we are ready to support you.

Our consultants have expertise in youth development, public health, non-profit leadership, wellness and the food industry.

Current and past clients include


Working with Nyacko Pearl Perry has been a dream come true. It’s refreshing and energizing to work with a consultant who is deeply rooted in her core values and committed to aligning with organizations who have a shared passion for social change. Nyacko has skillfully led our organization through a thorough process of identifying our strengths and challenges and clarifying our mission and vision. As a result, we are seeing tremendous growth in our overall productivity, culture and sustainability.
— Leslie Salmon Jones, Founder of Afro Flow Yoga®
Coming from backgrounds in education, for us starting a coffee shop was a daunting task. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. Biplaw completely immersed us in industry statistics and startup best practices.During the startup process, we were looking for seed funding, and Biplaw recommended we look for local grant funds. He walked us through the grant application process, and we won Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Neighborhood Opportunity Fund! Now 65% of our costs are covered thanks to Biplaw and his team.
— Cory and Jennifer Barnes, Co-owners of South Side Brew
Theresa is a passionate changemaker and leader. She operates with honesty and integrity. In my years working with her on The Grove Hall Trust she has been incredibly supportive and stands by her values that align with the positive work she does to improve her community. With her dedication, the Trust has continued to thrive and wouldn’t be what it is without her.
— Sahar Lawrence, Chair, The Grove Hall Trust
Nyacko is a brilliant facilitator of change, healing, and transformation. Individuals and organizations who work with her emerge feeling deeply heard, clearer on their vision, and emboldened to make choices to bring their values to life. She integrates a diverse and holistic set of disciplines and methodologies in her work, and holds both an authentic compassion for all and a tenacious vision for stronger and healthier societies and communities. The power of her work is matched only by the seamless joy and natural flow of how she engages with people in the process.
— Tip Fallon, Principal and Founder of Fallon Consulting Group
If you don’t just want to get the job done but, you want to get the job done right, look no further than Theresa. Her passion for individuals and her can-do attitude makes her a joy to work with. Theresa’s warm personality allowed me to be comfortable and clear my mind to be open to change and innovation.
— Yves Singletary,Youth & Community Development Professional at Asset Minded
NYACKO PEARL PERRY, Founder/Principal Consultan


Founder/ Principal Consultant

Nyacko draws on her training in behavioral science, meditation, yoga, and dance to artfully guide business leaders in enacting social change. She holds a masters in Organization Development with Distinction from American University and is a recipient of the University’s Segal-Seashore Fellowship award for her commitment to social justice. Her guiding principle is that by deepening awareness of our beliefs, behavior, and subtle interactions, we can joyfully build a more equitable world. Nyacko founded Yin Consulting in 2018 to help organizations achieve racial justice and their highest potential. For more info on her background click here.

BIPLAW RAI, Co-founder/ Consultant

Biplaw Rai, MBA

Co-Founder/ Consultant

A food industry entrepreneur and community organizer, Biplaw brings his business savvy to issues of social justice and empowerment. He grew up in Nepal, graduated from Truman State University, and earned his MBA at Hamline University. A longtime citizen of Boston, he is co-owner of Dudley Cafe in Roxbury and serves as a Trustee for the Grove Hall Trust in Dorchester. He is especially passionate about food sovereignty and sustainability. Always finding the light in dark situations, Biplaw has a powerful conviction that every community is gifted with the talent and resources needed to improve life for everyone. For more info on his background click here.


THERESA FORTILLUS, ba; Graduate certificate


As a first-generation Haitian-American residing in Dorchester, MA, Theresa has  experienced and seen firsthand how systematic oppression and a lack of authentic inclusivity can be detrimental to all systems and organizations. Theresa believes Yin Consulting serves as a means for providing a space for organizations to challenge their existing ideologies and increase their capacity to foster environments where people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ feel safe and can thrive. For more info click here.


Priscilla Andrade, MFA


Priscilla’s current work in the nonprofit sector is focused on the education, empowerment, and meaningful employment for Boston’s youth of color. As program director of the Trinity Education for Excellence Program, Priscilla embodies a philosophy of collaborative leadership. She has trained in restorative justice, trauma-inclusive, and racial equity practices; and has facilitated said training for youth and adult staff. At the Trinity Boston Foundation, Priscilla serves as a member of the Racial Equity Awareness and Learning Alliance and as co-chair for the people of color caucus space. For more info click here.

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