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I’m Nyacko, founder and Principal Consultant of Yin Consulting. My team and I work with organizations like yours when internal conflict is hindering a healthy culture and forward growth. We work to bring you clarity and awareness that will allow you to make the changes necessary to facilitate a healthier system and organization. With our focus on healing, we work with you to identify the areas of your organization that need attention, and we support you with developing a plan for sustainable health.


The Results:

• Your organization and team experience renewed energy, and a clear sense of direction

• Your employees feel heard and have a renewed sense of community

• Your organization has an increased connection to its purpose

• Your team’s productivity increases because your organization runs more effectively



With a foundation in mindfulness and wellness practices, my team and I evaluate your organization on a holistic level through our data driven approach. We developed our own comprehensive Organizational Healing Framework to help your organization heal. Whether your team needs help managing large scale organizational change, developing a strategy for growth, or addressing employee dynamics and engagement, we’re here to help.

  • Equity and Justice: We recognize that racial and social injustice issues are at the forefront of many organizations, and we aim to nurture a more racially just and inclusive environment for all.

  • Feminine Leadership Approach: We take a Yin or feminine approach and emphasize the importance of organizational healing.

  • Appreciative Stance: We acknowledge strengths, talents, and achievements. We focus on what your organization does well in order to build momentum for positive change.

  • Organizational Agency: We support the agency of your organization’s leadership while honoring the insights of your employees.

Organizational Healing Workshop Series:

Our workshop series prioritizes the health of your employees (your most valuable asset!), who work best when they are happy and healthy.

organizational development Consulting:

Our team leads a data collection effort to determine the health and wellbeing of your organization, and we bring you the information and recommendations that will be the basis for sustainable change.

Individual or Multi-leader Coaching:

Healing and positive change starts with you, the leader (or leaders), first. These hour-long coaching sessions will help you find clarity, work through personal dynamics, and begin or renew your own healing process.

Community Engagement & Human-Centered Design:

We utilize Human-Centered Design to conduct large scale data collection efforts to help communities and organizations learn about and benefit from the unique experiences of their members.


Ready to discuss the next steps for healing in your organization?